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School Prayer

School Prayer

Loving Father, I thank you and praise you for this new day you have given me. I pray that this new day may bring joy to me and take me closer to you and my neighbors. Give me the strength to work hard this day and to serve my brothers and sisters. Protect me from evil throughout this day.

Prayer Before Studies

Oh! God, source of wisdom, bless me your child as I am going to study. Give me your grace to learn my lessons. I thank you for this precious time you have given me to improve my knowledge. Help me to make good use of this time.

Prayer Before Meals

Bless us O Lord, and these
Thy gifts, which we are about
To receive, from the bounty
Through our God. Amen.

Prayer After Studies

Lord of Knowledge, I thank you for my lessons today. I also thank you for this study time. Give me the grace to remember what I have studied and grow in true wisdom.

Prayer Before Examination

Lord of wisdom, bless me as I am going to write my examination. Help me to remember all that I have studied and write my examination. Bless me with the fruits of my hard work.